Why become a member?

Being a PAFLAR member will help you to connect with colleagues across Africa and around the world. This global networking helps promote exchange of knowledge while saving on time and money.
Members are also kept informed on advancing knowledge, projects and studies in the field of Pediatric Rheumatology.

What are the benefits for members?

  • Being part of the largest Pan-African Paediatric Rheumatology Society
  • Reduced/Subsidized fees at the PAFLAR Annual Scientific Congress
  • Eligibility to enroll as a member of the PAFLAR Registry
  • Access to collaborative research opportunities
  • Access to PAFLAR monthly webinars
  • Access to other collaborative educational activities eg like the Swiss based JIR Winter School
  • Networking: Through members’ information related to PAFLAR congress, PAFLAR 2025 Goals and PAFLAR Working Groups via the website and social media
  • Enlisting into the Members Directory when implemented

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